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European Centre for Sports and Recreation
Safety was established in 2012addresses the needs
of quickly developing sports and recreation infrastructure
in Poland.

Our goal is to develop a professional, nationwide website which will cover all safety aspects of playgrounds, indoor playgrounds, inflatables, gym equipment, sports facilities, skate parks, sports and playground surface, ropes courses, amusement parks.


Learn more about our training system

European Centre for Sports and Recreation Safety carries out regular trainings directed to producers and the owners of sports and recreation facilities.

Our training system allows us to train people who will have good theoretical knowledge and will be able to put it into practice effectively.


We will take care of your playground

Out of concern for safety as well as comprehensiveness of our services, apart from carrying out safety controls, we offer to keep your facilities’ technical documentation as well as do maintenance work.

We employ qualified professionals and we are able to take long-term orders

What makes us stand out?

Why should you use our service?

We have the most modern equipment for
testing surface of an already built playground!

Thanks to this device, we are able to test the
surface in accordance with the normPN-EN 1177
on the playgroundand not only in the laboratory.
This is a unique service in our country!